Atlantic City’s Hotels Focus On Luxury

Generally for people who think of luxury and wealth, Atlantic City never comes to mind; however, with recent additions in the past few years, Atlantic City has been able to get back on the luxury path. It appears as thought people now want to visit Atlantic City again, Despite the general economic slowdown at the city, the number of luxury and upscale outlets have increased. So who’s at the forefront of this awakening?

Borgata Hotel is one of the greatest additions to Atlantic City, or should it be called the Borgata Hotel, Casino, Spa, Shopping Center, Restaurant, Bar and Club! Whichever way you look at it, the Borgata Hotel has risen to the status of one of the biggest luxury attractions in Atlantic City. The Borgata Hotel was built in 2003. It is the most recent hotel addition to Atlantic City. Actually, the first in thirteen years. The hotel provides 2,000 rooms. It was specifically designed to become a rival of the popular hotels of cities such as Las Vegas and NYC. The hotel has a casino, thirteen restaurants, an event center, a club, a bar, a spa, and eleven stores to purchase clothing and accessories. They also have plans to add a water club. The Borgata has definitely brought luxury back to a city that seemed to be growing duller and duller with the passage of time.

Trump Taj Mahal is another hotel that has brought renown and popularity to Atlantic City among the luxury-travelers. It offers penthouse suites and lanai suites for those with deep pockets. These rival the best in the east coast. The Taj Mahal has restaurants, a casino, and a spa. The luxury spa at the Taj Mahal is one of the best. I would call it a close competitor to the Bally’s spa. It offers seaweed wraps, deep tissue massages, aromatherapy, and other types of health and fitness services.

Another luxury hotel at Atlantic City is the Bally’s hotel. Bally’s is a four-star hotel that towers over the Boardwalk. The hotel has a casino, a spa, 1240 rooms, an indoor pool and Jacuzzi, VIP indoor parking, VIP valet service, upscale places to shop, a large 18-hole golf course, an aerobic studio. It also has sixteen restaurants and that’s a lot even by the extravagant casino standards. Of the sixteen, four of them focus on the culture and cuisine of the American West and the other twelve are gourmet restaurants. Bally’s also offers live entertainment venues and upscale poker tournament venues.

The rise of comfort in Atlantic City, New Jersey casts off its shell of dullness that had started to form over the last decade. This new surge will hopefully help the city move past the recent nationwide economic slowdown. Traditionally, Atlantic City has always lagged behind Las Vegas and New York City. Hotels like the Borgata and the Taj Mahal are closing this gap and providing a rich look to the City. Check them out and enjoy on your next trip!